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Tel.: +45 86 39 45 00

Om Knebel Drilling A/S

KNEBEL DRILLING A/S moved to its present address in Ryomgaard in 1980.

The company produces hydraulic equipment with electronic control for drilling.

KNEBEL DRILLING A/S offers services to drill companies and government sector.

60 pct. of the production is exported to Europe, Middle east, Asia and Africa.

Our skilled employee’s handles a wide variety of tasks:

  • Drill rigs constructed on trucks, dumpers and crawlers both small and large scale rigs.
  • Developed for geotechnical examinations, environmental drilling, water well drilling and for mining operation.
  • Wire winch vehicles for Aarhus harbour, and other winches for specialised tasks.
  • Custom made vehicles for trucking companies and construction contractors.​


Knebel Drilling A/S

Industrivej 20 , 8550 Ryomgård